David Crystal


2nd International Conference on Language Education and Research (LERC2020)
Date 03 October 2020
Time09:00 BST
New challenges: the role of pragmatics

Of all the branches of linguistics that have helped to inform ELT, the most important, in my view, is the relatively recent field of pragmatics, because it focuses on providing explanations for the linguistic choices people make - something that is especially important when considering the way English is developing globally in the 21st century. The talk describes the evolution of the subject and illustrates how a pragmatic perspective can help to make language topics come alive in the classroom.

The English Project Annual Lecture
Date 13 October 2020
Time18:00 BST
The new normal for global English

David Crystal reflects on some of the effects of the pandemic on the English language. We have all become used to words and phrases such as 'new normal', 'zoom call', 'pandemic', 'lockdown' and 'self-isolating'. But how else is our language reflecting the changes we are all experiencing in our lives?