David Crystal

Language A to Z [Student edn]
This series of books for schools - available for the first time online - originally appeared in 1991, and has been revised and updated to take account of the fresh interest in English language study that has been a part of the school curriculum over the past decade. There were originally two books, aimed at Key Stages 3 and 4, and these have now been integrated into a single work. A search facility has been added to the e-book to enable users to cross-refer between entries.__Over 400 language terms have been taken from the various programmes of study and explained in a lively and entertaining way, with cartoons added by Edward McLachlan. Topics include grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, punctuation, style, literary language, and questions of usage. __NOTE: The e-book you purchase can be read on most eReaders. If you have a Kindle device you will need to select the Mobi file to download after you have paid for your e-book, but for any other device please download the normal ePub file.
Published: 04.03.2013