David Crystal

Language A to Z [Teacher's edn]
This book contains a commentary on the 400+ entries in the Student Book, providing answers to questions, extra information about topics, further examples, and references to specific sections in several contemporary texts. Over forty extra entries provide additional linguistic perspective.__From reviews of the first edition__About the Student Books: ‘The Crystal books pioneer an admirable course that might even lead to a solution - one day - of the vexed and vexing problems of linguistic nomenclature’. (Bill Mittins, NATE News)_About the Teachers’ Book: ‘a fascinating resource... the examples sparkle and the style is professional speaking to professional’ (Jim Sweetman, Books in Schools) __NOTE: The e-book you purchase can be read on most eReaders. If you have a Kindle device you will need to select the Mobi file to download after you have paid for your e-book, but for any other device please download the normal ePub file.
Published: 04.02.2013