David Crystal

Words on Words - e-book
When this book appeared in 2000, it was the first published anthology of quotations on language and languages, containing over 5000 entries from over 1000 sources. The e-book adds search facilities and offers opportunities for reader interaction. New quotations will be added by the authors, as they are encountered, and proposals for inclusion from readers will be welcomed.__Judging by the feedback we have received over the past decade, Words on Words has been used in a wide variety of contexts, from professional linguists and students of language to those simply wanting to enhance their text or speech with an apt quotation about pronunciation, slang, style, or some other popular aspect of language.__As the sources range from Plato to Winnie-the-Pooh, and from Shakespeare to James Bond, there is likely to be something in here for every language-related occasion. It is, as Philip Howard described it in a Times review, ‘invaluable for all who sound off about language’.__The first edition of this book received a Wheatley Medal from the Society of Indexers. __NOTE: The e-book you purchase can be read on most eReaders. If you have a Kindle device you will need to select the Mobi file to download after you have paid for your e-book, but for any other device please download the normal ePub file.
Published: 03.30.2013